When the rain is away the mamas will play.

When the rain is away

If California is going to be in a drought, we might as well take advantage of our gorgeous 80 degree weather.

Our first playgroup in January was a trip to Balboa Park.  Each Tuesday, Balboa park museums are free, and boy was it PACKED!  Our strollers could barely protect us from the swarm of people, so we decided to high tail it out and enjoy lunch by this beautiful fountain.

Balboa Park Fountain

The following week we took a ferry ride from Downtown to Coronado.  The babies loved exploring the ferry and playing at the playground on the island.  Us mamas had a nice time strolling down the bay and eating a slice of pizza from Village Pizzeria.

Strollers on Ferry

Ferry and Downtown

Coronado playground

Stay tuned for our upcoming January adventures!


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