Tot School: Under the Sea

Tot School Ocean

I was super inspired by Twodaloo’s Blog and decided to create an Under the Sea Tot School experience for Rhett and Maeve. Maeve got right into the lagoon, but Rhett was scared of the slimy noodles.  

Indoor Play

1.  We read non-fiction books about ocean creatures.

2.  We collected shells.

3.  We fed toy fish to a toy shark.

4.  We made an ocean mural using contact paper and felt creatures. Twodaloo


Ocean Shells

Ocean Shark

Ocean Contact Paper Scene

Ocean Animals Contact Paper


Outdoor Play

1.  We played in a sensory “lagoon” inspired by Twodaloo.  We filled the lagoon (a baby pool) with algae made from green and blue dyed spaghetti, jellyfish made with ping pong balls and ribbon, and sea creatures frozen in blue dyed ice.

Ocean Creatures in Ice

Ocean Jellyfish

Ocean Sensory Play

We continued our ocean fun the following Summer. Check out more ocean themed activities to do with your tot.

What ocean themed activities have you enjoyed with your kids?




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