The Amazing Stroller Race

The Amazing Stroller Race

The mamas and babies raced around Liberty Station in San Diego to be the first to cross the finish line.  I used some of the concepts from the Amazing Race show to create this one of a kind stroller race.  And let me tell you, these mamas are fit!

The Purple Team Vs. The Green Team


Get your Amazing Stroller Race Clue Cover

Race Set Up

Get your Amazing Stroller Race Guidelines

Team Green

Get your Amazing Stroller Race Water Bottle Labels and The Amazing Stroller Race Labels

(on Avery Labels 14 per sheet)

Race Plan

Inside each clue card, there was a picture indicating the place teams needed to locate and a person they needed to find in order to receive their next clue.  Teams completed a challenge at each location before proceeding.



The finish line was at Stone Brewery, a perfect place for us to let the babies run wild after, and for the mamas to have a celebratory drink.


After Party

Group Photo

We had a blast!  If you would like to create an Amazing Race for your playgroup, contact me and I will help you out!


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