A Color Theme, To Begin Your School Year

A Color Theme
The beginning of Kindergarten is an exciting but scary time for students and their parents.  We put a lot of thought into those first impressions so that this transition is wonderful.

There is so much that goes into organizing your classroom to prepare for the first days of school. Classroom environment is very important to me and so I make sure to add some pizazz to my walls.

One of the first projects I post on the walls is our First Day of School Painting .  I just love learning more about my students’ interests and the ways they express themselves through these paintings.  Their dictations of their art is priceless and looks like van Gogh on the walls.   I prep two walls that will hold these paintings with Our World is a Rainbow  and Everything you can imagine is real.

Start Year Rainbow

We begin the year with a color study after reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Each day we learn through a different color, in correspondence with the Brown Bear books that we are making.

Start Year BB 1

Start Year BB 2

Start Year BB 3

You can get my Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? book on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The book prep is pretty hefty, but well worth the investment as your students will just adore making this book and reading it all year long.

Here is the layout and details of the book:

  • Front Cover: 1/2 brown construction paper with title mounted
  • Brown Bear Page: Words xeroxed on brown paper;  Starch on brown fabric
  • Red Bird Page: Words xeroxed on red paper; Red tempera
  • Yellow Duck: Words xeroxed on yellow paper; Sponge Yellow tempera
  • Blue Horse: Words xeroxed on blue paper; Blue colored pencil and blue yarn
  • Green Frog: Words xeroxed on green paper; Green and brown crayon
  • Purple Cat: Words xeroxed on purple paper; Purple marker
  • White Dog: Words xeroxed on white paper; Cotton balls
  • Black Sheep: Words xeroxed on white and mounted on black; Black torn paper
  • Orange Fish: Words xeroxed on orange; Orange crayon and blue watercolor resist
  • Student: Words xeroxed on white; Draw self-portrait
  • All Animals: Words xeroxed on white: Color with crayon
  • Back Cover: 1/2 brown construction paper


During the first week of school we also read various versions of The Gingerbread Man.  On the last day of the week, the Gingerbread Man plants a note in our story.  He jumps out of the book, and it is up to us to catch him.  We use this time also as a tour of our school.  He leaves a note in the office and we are led back to our classroom where some delicious treats are waiting for us.

Start Year Gman 2

Start Year Gman

I used to mold the gingerbread cake by hand, until I stumbled upon this wonderful pan from Amazon.  Done and done!


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