Spring has Sprung!

Giant Painted Flowers

large flowers 2These large flowers have really brightened up our days the past few weeks.  They all turned out so wonderful and have supported us as we’ve learned about plants and their life cycles. At first, I was apprehensive about 5 year olds being able to do this project, but they amazed me as usual!

Using pre-cut white butcher paper, the kids painted a design using between 1 and 3 paint colors.  The next day, they turned over their painting, drew a flower with pencil and cut it out.painted paper

I then pre-cut some gold tissue squares and the kids stapled them to the center of their flowers.  They ruffled the tissue to their liking to make the flowers’ centers.tissue

We rolled a piece of green construction paper and taped it to make a stem.  I left out a few green paint options (the green sparkly paint was the favorite) and the kids painted their stems.stem

I also pre-cut a few pieces of green butcher paper and the kids drew a leaf and painted their leaf green to add some texture.

We used hot glue to attach the stem to the flower and the leaf to the stem.large flowers

I added typed up some labels: “light”, “water”, “air”, “soil” and “love” to show what plants need.
flower board right

flower board left


flower board

After I took this bulletin board down, I just couldn’t let these flowers go!  I ended up placing them in the windows for the remainder of the school year.  

Let me know in the comments section what Spring projects you’re working on!



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