Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss activities in engineering, poetry, math, science and art!

I just love Dr. Seuss and all of his crazy brilliant writing and look forward to celebrating his birthday with my students on March 2nd each year. In the past we have invited community members to come in and read to the kids, we have made green eggs and ham and we have made rhyming hats. Now that I am I teaching second grade, I thought we’d change things up a bit. This year, Dr. Seuss’ birthday is on a Thursday and so we will be able to celebrate his birthday all week. Each day, the kids are going to have time to dive into some Seuss books and they will document the process using their camera on their iPads. Here is what our plan looks like:

I created activities for 7 Seuss’ books and will tape the activity to the back of each book. The activities vary from engineering to poetry to math to science.  

Dr. Seuss activities for engineering, art, math, science, and poetry!

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Each day I will give our class 30 minutes to celebrate Seuss. They will:

  1. READ a Seuss book.
  2. SNAP a picture of their favorite page.
  3. DO the activity suggested by the QR code (and then take pictures of the activities they participate in).

My Dr. Seuss Read, Snap and Do! activities are free to download. All I ask is that you leave a comment below.

I am so thankful for such inspirational bloggers that were the mastermind behind some of these activities. Check out Little Bins for Little Hand’s post on Tie Dyed Coffee Filters and The Educators’ Spin On It’s post on Apple Stacking.

At the end of the week, the students will have documented all of the fun they had reading and participating in Seuss type learning and they will be using their photos to create a multimedia project dedicated to Dr. Seuss. They can use iMovie to create a short film, commercial or trailer or they can make a book on Book Creator. The ultimate goal is to deepen their love for reading and strengthen a variety of interdisciplinary skills while doing so.

What do you do to celebrate Dr. Seuss?



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