A Few of My Favorite Things

When Rhett was born, I had nooooo clue what I was doing! Up until then, my crash course in motherhood had been the wisdom from my one mom friend, a baby book (that I barely skimmed) and the recommendations that Amazon encouraged me to put on my registry (it’s like they were speaking a foreign language–what’s a Moby Wrap, or a Wubbunub?!).   

Now that I look back on those first months of his life, I realize that it was okay I hadn’t figured it all out. Your child tells you how to be a mother, and they will teach you that all they need is LOVE.  (Nevertheless…having a few key items made me feel like I had a grip on motherhood.)

Favorite Things

In the spirit of full disclosure, this posts contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from Amazon. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands!


0-3 Months

0-3 Month favorites

1.  Best Chairs Glider: Rhett is 9 months and I still live in this thing!

2.  Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow: My “breastfriend” pillow was nice the first few weeks, but this pillow carried me through.

3.  JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket: I use this mat everywhere! I recently used in on the floor at the movie theater.

4.  Pottery Barn Hooded Towel: We have Rhett’s name on the hood. Even though we have many hooded towels, this is the only one we use because it is so soft.

5.  Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym: This was so fun for Rhett when he was playing on his back and after he learned to roll over.

6.  Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser: Month 2 was all about blow outs and these bags stored many messy outfits when we were out.

7.  Fischer-Price Rock N Play Sleeper: Rhett slept in this until he was able to sit up. We took it everywhere.  I loved how it is at a slight incline, especially when he had his first cold.

8.  Oball Rattle: This was the first toy that Rhett could grab. He was so proud of himself.

9.  Soothies Pacifiers: We were lucky that Rhett took a pacifier. He loved these until he was 3 months.

10.  Baby Gap: They have the sweetest onesies and sweatpants…and the material is so soft.

11.  OxiClean (not pictured): This cleaner removed ALL stains.

12.  Trend Lab Storage Caddy (not pictured): I held everything in this caddy–my ipad, all remotes, water bottles, snacks– and brought it with me whenever and wherever I was feeding Rhett. This caddy made my life much easier.

13.  Moby Wrap (not pictured): I can’t believe I saved this one for last as it is an essential!!  When your little one can barely keep his/her head up, they are not really ready for a carrier like an Ergo. Once I figured out how to use the Moby, I did all cooking and cleaning with Rhett snuggled up next to me. It’s great for walks too!


4-7 Months

4-7 Month favorites


1.  Boon High Chair: Worth the price because it is so easy to clean. 

2.  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo: Rhett looooved this for several months.

3.  Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo: Rhett has sensitive skin. This was the only wash that he didn’t react to and it smells really nice!

4.  Turtle Wubbanub Pacifier: He learned how to put this pacifier in his mouth early on and now he loves to cuddle with it at night. I wish I had invented these.

5.  Angelcare Monitor: We also have a Video Monitor but this Angelcare monitor reassures me that the baby’s okay and the only reason I get sleep at night.

6.  Target Diapers: When a friend first recommended these diapers I was skeptical, but I just love them! They are the only diapers that didn’t leak at night.

7.  Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Blocks: Rhett has soooo many toys with bells and whistles, but he has stayed loyal to these.

8.  Comotomo Silicone Teether: Rhett started teething at 4 months and hasn’t stopped. He is happy to chew on just about anything, but seemed to enjoy this teether more than others.

9.  H & M Baby: I love their trendy baby clothes. Though the quality is not stellar, the clothing is affordable and fun.

10.  Nordstrom Baby Cable Knit Blanket (not pictured):  At 3 years old, Rhett is still snuggling up with this blanket morning, noon and night. We received MANY blankets as gifts, but this will always be his Blankie.

11.  Nook Lilypad Playmat (not pictured): Rhett spends many hours a day on this mat. It is cozy, EASY to wash, and the fabric is breathable. We bring it with us when we visit friends and family.

12:  Baby Carrier (not pictured): Rhett grew big…FAST, and so we didn’t get much use out of our baby carrier, but for everyone else, this is a must!

13:  Chicco Infant Carseat (not pictured): I just love this carseat! It comes with a base, but we got a few more bases for the other cars.

14.  Baby Jogger Citi Mini Stroller (not pictured): I bought the Chicco Infant Carseat Insert and would plop the carseat right into the stroller. Once Rhett was 6 months, I took the insert out.  We are still using this stroller 3 years later.


8-12 Months

8-10 month favorites

1.  Dr. Brown Bottles: I love these bottles. I am not quite sure what the extra part does, but this bottle doesn’t leak, and all the babies and mamas in our playgroup love them.

2.  Finger Puppet Books: Rhett laughs when I read him these finger puppet books. They have tons of animals to choose from.

3.  Denim Sweat Pants: I love the look of Rhett in denim, but he’s gotta be wearing sweat pants. These are perfect for a day of moving and sleeping.

4.  Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: Rhett loves to interact with this toy and take it on walks.

5.  Nuk Pacifier: Whenever we are at the park or beach, I stick this pacifier in his mouth so he doesn’t eat everything in sight. It gives me a peace of mind.

6.  Oxo Tot Containers: After whipping up some food in our Cuisinart Baby Food Maker, these containers are the perfect size for storing Rhett’s meals. They are of great quality and do not leak.

7.  Parum Pum Pum Drum: The best thing about this drum is the egg shaker it comes with. Rhett just loves instruments.

8.  Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment: Rhett just recently started getting diaper rash and we tried 3 creams that did no good until I found Triple Paste. His rash was gone in record time.

9.  Little Tikes Activity Garden: This activity garden has grown with Rhett from sitting to pulling up to crawling to taking off!


18 Months

18 Month Favorites

1.  Target Diapers: I have used every diaper imaginable, and still…nothing beats the Target diapers!

2.  Munchkin Sippy Cups: This is the only sippy cup that is leak proof that fits in a cup holder. Plus Rhett loves the fun characters.

3.  ZARA: If you want your baby/toddler to look stylish for less, visit this amazing store.

4.  Magna-Tiles: These tiles taught Rhett love at first sight. They are pricey but will last forever.

5.  Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set: One day, Rhett knew his letters and I have this engaging toy to thank.

6.  Peekaboo Barn App: Rhett LOVES playing with the ipad (in moderation). This was the first game we downloaded and he now knows farm animal names and their sounds.

7.  Chicco NextFit Convertible Carseat: Rhett grew out of his infant carseat so fast and I tried a few carseats before finding love for Chicco’s convertible carseat. This carseat is comfortable, sturdy and looks great. 

8.  Bath Books: Rhett is really into reading, and now he loves reading in the bath. His favorite is Barnyard Bath by Sandra Boynton.

9.  Foam and Build Alphabet Puzzle Play Mat: I just can’t say enough good things about this mat. It has helped Rhett learn letters, it is a puzzle, it is easy to clean and it is fun and colorful. 

10.  Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart (not pictured): Pushing, putting toys in the basket, trying to climb in–what’s not to love!


2 Years

2 Year Favorites

1.  Baby Reef Sandals: We love these sandals and have been buying more with Rhett’s growing feet. He runs pretty well in them, and they are so cute.

2.  Melissa and Doug Table and Chairs: This table gets a lot of use! We use Magic Eraser to keep it clean.

3. Munchkin Snack Catchers: These snack cups are brilliant!

4. Melissa and Doug Paint with Water: Rhett loves to uncover the mysteries that are in these pictures. There is something really soothing about painting with just water.

5. Small Fedora Hat: We live in San Diego and are always in the sun. You will see Rhett in this hat in most pictures on my blog. Zara Kids always has a good fedora.

6. Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin: Rhett has many go-to books but this is our new favorite. It might be the silliest book I’ve ever read!

7. Little Tikes Kitchen: This was Rhett’s birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa. It has been so cool to see how much he has developed through this pretend play.

8. Crayola Color Bath Dropz: We play this game that Rhett calls “colors.” We place a red drop in a bowl of water, a blue drop in a bowl of water and a yellow drop in a bowl of water. When we mix the water together Rhett is beyond excited to see what color is created. We have also started reading Mix It Up by Herve Tullet which has increased his love for colors.

9. Fisher Price Little People: We were so lucky to get our Little People sets as hand-me-downs. These toys have really supported Rhett’s language development.  I am in constant smiles when I watch him pretend play with Little People.

10. Play Food (not pictured): We have acquired lots of toy food (with me being a teacher) but the Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Sorting Set has been our favorite by far!


I hope you find something from this list that will help you during those first few years!

What are your favorite baby and toddler items?  Do tell.




  1. Carolyn

    For months 11-12, I recommend Touch and Feel books by DK. I found 6 books in the series so far. It is amazing to see Maeve touch the pages and experience the different textures. She also loves her toy xylophone. Sean and I have a lot of fun playing simple songs to her on it. Maeve is obsessed with brushes right now too. She likes to try to brush her hair, but mostly she just carries them around.

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