Five Tot School Themes to Try This Summer

Five tot school themes to try with your tot this summer at

  Summer is here and I bet you all are eager to get outside with your kids and try new things.  For me, this Summer is all about providing Rhett with lots of opportunities to play, and then follow his lead.  I’ve always planned activities for him and my students that have controlled outcomes, but … [Read more…]

Gift Card Pizzazz

Pretty Gift Card Wrap

Oh, gift cards.  So nice to receive, but sometimes as the giver, I can find myself spending hours debating whether a gift card is personal enough.  But what if the gift card comes with a few personal touches? Yes…that’s better! To make this pretty gift card wrap, I only needed a few items and you … [Read more…]

I love you Mom!

Glittered Frame Gift

  I just love the Mother’s Day frames we made and have to share how easy (and affordable) they are.   *You can also view our sweet Sunshine in a Jar gift we made for Mom last year.   Step 1:  Purchase this frame from Michaels.   Step 2:  Layer painter’s tape.  I started with 2 thin … [Read more…]