The Amazing Stroller Race

The Amazing Stroller Race Insta

The mamas and babies raced around Liberty Station in San Diego to be the first to cross the finish line.  I used some of the concepts from the Amazing Race show to create this one of a kind stroller race.  And let me tell you, these mamas are fit! The Purple Team Vs. The Green … [Read more…]

A circle’s round, it has no end. That’s how long I want to be your friend!

Friendship Book Insta

Check out the adorable books that were made for our Valentine’s Day craft. Materials: Blank Books:  I found these in packs of 8 for $3 in the “$1 Section” at Target. Colored Xerox Paper:  One color for each baby.  Prep books with text beforehand and bring extra paper to trace hands. Baby Photos:  Mom’s bring … [Read more…]

Lights, Camera, (and lots of) ACTION!

Pajama Party Insta

Our Pajama Party Playgroup was a blast!   Christine’s condo complex had a gorgeous theater, high counters for our Hot Chocolate Bar, and was completely baby proof!  But…mamas watching a movie?… HA!  With our little walkers, cruisers and crawlers, our movie was merely white noise.   We used a Crock Pot to make Hot Chocolate … [Read more…]

Baby Magnets

Mini Polaroid Magnets Insta

For our January craft we made Mini Polaroid magnets… and what better models than our beautiful babies!  We took the babies to Mission Point Park.  The gorgeous bay backdrop made for an easy photo shoot. To prepare for the craft I made sure I had the following supplies.  Aside from the camera, you can find all … [Read more…]