Mystery Valentines

Mystery Seeds Project
For Valentine’s Day this year, we gave the Kinders a special Valentine that will keep on giving–Mystery Seeds!

6 Mystery Seed Valentines were secretly delivered to our room.  The kids were so excited.  They broke into groups of 4.  We then examined our seeds under the document camera and predicted what our seeds would turn into.  Then it was time to plant!  Each student planted some of their mystery seeds and watered them.  I will keep you posted on this project!


Mystery Seed Chart

Valentine Seed Delivery

Valentine Mystery Seeds\Valentine Seeds

** We chose lettuce, cucumber, radish, carrots, snap peas, and onion as our Mystery Seeds.


Here are a few other Valentine’s Day things we do:

Valentine Wrinkled Heart



At the home front, on the other hand, Rhett and I made very special Valentines for our family!  Rhett loves trucks and I was inspired by Toddler Approve’s Love Truck.  I cut out my own design out of red and pink paper and Rhett was in charge of the stickers.  I then found a profile picture of him and printed it out on label paper so that he could be the driver.  We had so much fun with this project!

Valentine Truck

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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