LOVE is in the Air

Marbled Heart Art bulletin board

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I am IN LOVE with this heartfelt bulletin board.Love right

The white background paper and white border really allowed the students’ heart art to POP!  With some left over silver ribbon from Christmas wrapping, I wrote “love.”  First I located the center of the board and created the –ve part of “love.”  I then made the lo– part of “love.”  This helped me center the word “love” (and avoid many frustrating extra attempts to get it right).  I used push pins so that I could toy with the word a bit until I was ready to staple it down.

Marble Heart

What really pulled at my heart strings were the kids’ interpretation on love.  They wrote what “love is” on a basic heart template copied on pink paper.  They also did marble art–picking 2-3 colors from red, white, pink and purple–on a white heart.  Once the paint was dry, I glued their writing on top of their marble art.

Marble Heart 1 Marble Heart 2 Marble Hearts Love Board

I wish this board could stay up all year!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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