Tot School: Down on the Farm

Tot School Down on the Farm

We had a blast on the “Farm” today at Tot School.  Those tots sure know how to swim like ducks, squabble like chickens and eat like piggies.

Music and Indoor Sensory Play

1.  We played with farm animal puppets and sang “Old MacDonald” and “Down on Grandpa’s Farm.”

2.  We read books about the farm.

3.  We made sheep using sticky paper and cotton balls inspired by Twodaloo.

4.  We played in a large “Farm Sensory Pool,” made with shredded green construction paper, toy barns and toy farm animals.

5.  We painted mud on piggies with pudding…delish!

Farm sheep

Farm real play

Farm pudding pig

Farm pudding pig 3Farm pudding pig 2


Outdoor Sensory Play and Snack

1.  We went on an egg hunt and ate the “farm foods” that were hidden inside.

2.  We snacked on adorable chick hard boiled eggs (Recipe by Photo) and watermelon pigs.

3.  We splashed around in a duck pond. (You can find the mini ducks in the party favor aisle of Party City.)

Farm eggs

Farm snack

Farm duck pond

I hope you find some ideas you can do with your little piggies.  

What are some of your favorite farm toys and activities?



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