The Best Calendar Ever

I have to tell you about my all time favorite Christmas gift…  a DIY photo calendar!!!  Each year my parents know that they will be getting a brand new calendar with some stellar family photos to make them smile month after month.  As I was just starting to run out of photo ideas, the greatest thing happened–my baby boy was born- and for me, this meant endless photos.  The calendar gift tradition would not only live on, but it would be better than ever!

DIY calendar of your baby's first year. The perfect Christmas gift for the grandparents.p;

Without getting too Anne Geddes, I thought I would create a photo shoot for my little guy to make his first calendar appearance even more legendary.DIY Photo Calendar JanuaryJanuary might be my favorite shoot!  I sprinkled some confetti over the bed and found a party hat and party horn at–you guessed it– Party City.  I gave Rhett this party horn, and he chewed on it immediately (as you would expect from 9 month old) and I got my dream photo in seconds. 

DIY Photo Calendar February

February is all about sweetness.  I put on some lipstick, gave Rhett a big smacker on his cheek and found a great spot in front of some historic buildings in Balboa Park to get this shot.  I asked a stranger to do a funny dance in the right direction so I that I could capture that kiss on his cheek.

DIY Photo Calendar MarchThis was one of those disgraceful mom moments where you say “hey, let’s put my baby in a bird bath and take a photo.”  But my stream of thought went like this: March –> Spring –> Baby Animals –> Baby Birds –> Bird Bath –> Child in Bird Bath.  Makes sense right?

DIY Photo Calendar AprilEaster was in April this year and I had luckily found some bunny ears and plastic eggs lying around to make this shot happen.  

DIY Photo Calendar MayI knew I wanted Rhett to sniff a flower for the May shot, but I must have taken 30 photos before getting this gem.  (He was actually a microsecond away from eating the flower, but who cares, I got the shot!)

DIY Photo Calendar JuneIn honor of Father’s Day, I only needed a collared shirt, leather recliner and newspaper to get this classic look. 

DIY Photo Calendar JulyWould you believe that I took this photo in November?  San Diego is nothing short of sunshine and flags. 

DIY Photo Calendar AugustJune and July can be a bit gloomy on the coast, so I decided to put the classic beach picture in the August spot.  (It turned out that some of the best photos were when Rhett had something to eat.)

DIY Photo Calendar SeptemberI LOVE September for Fall and Football!  I couldn’t decide whether I would shoot a Fall picture or a Football picture so I found the best solution was to put Rhett in a Charger jersey and stick him in some leaves.  (There he goes eating the props again.)

DIY Photo Calendar OctoberThis little monkey just melts my heart!  All I had to do was put him in his costume and plop him down in the sunshine.  October photo… done!

DIY Photo Calendar NovemberThe November shoot was by far the most challenging.  It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do, and then came my next shameful mom idea.  I would put my little turkey in a roasting pan–and even worse, on the table!!  I knew I only had a few seconds to get this shot. My friend did a little dance for him to try and get him to smile (and stay put), and we got this wonderful shot.

DIY Photo Calendar DecemberYou know how they put all of the Christmas items out in stores in September now!??  Well, this was helpful when I needed a some props to turn this baby into a snowboy for the December photo.  I got some fake snow to “cover” the wood floors and added a little orange face paint to give Rhett a carrot nose.  He only sat like this for a few minutes before crawling away, but I used that party horn (remember from the January shoot?) to get one perfect smile out of him.  


I hope these photos have inspired you to make your own photo calendar.  Let me know in the comment section which month is your favorite!


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