Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Spider Bulletin Board

Spiders 2


Our Itsy Bitsy kiddos made the cutest 3D spiders to contribute to this spooky bulletin board.

To make the spiders:

  • Paint white styrofoam balls (from Michaels) black
  • Use 4 black pipe cleaners–cut in half–for the 8 legs
  • Cut small triangles out of white foam to make fangs
  • Glue on googly eyes
  • Staple spiders to a giant spider web (from Target)
  • Add a title!  You can download Our Itsy Bitsy Spiders here!

Spider side

Spider board



We also read various versions of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and made our own book!  Spider cover

SpiderOn the inside cover, and in the stapled envelope is our main character–the spider!

Spider spout 1

We taped a trimmed bendy straws to act as the water spout.

Spider rain Do-a-dots were perfect (and so much fun) for the rain.

Spider sun

We made a sun with glue and gold glitter.

Spider spout 2

Finally, we replicated the house from the first page.

We had so much fun learning about spiders this week!  Click here for a copy of my Itsy BItsy Spider Book!


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