I Love You Too Daddy

Father's Day Frame

At Rhett’s age (2 years), there is not much independence in the gift making department and I am still having to take matters into my own hands so that Dad will feel the love this Father’s Day. I wanted to get Rhett involved in making the gift. I also wanted us to create something that John could keep in his office and smile at day after day. So we decided to finger paint a wooden frame and add a mini banner note as a special touch. This gift was fun to make, used simple materials and didn’t break the bank.

Frame Materials

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Frame Materials 2


You will only need a few materials:

  • $1 wooden frame from Michaels
  • Crayola Fingerpaint
  • Cute (light in color) scrapbook paper
  • String (I bought mine from Paper Source and use it for everything!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Template with banner and backing poem

Painting Frame 1Paint Frame

I decided to only use one color so that Rhett wouldn’t mix multiple colors and make an icky brown frame. The red turned out really nice and I love that you can see his fingerprints in it. He had so much fun painting the bathtub afterwards.
Mini Banner

While the frame was drying I got to work on the mini banner. Rhett is always saying “I love you too!” and I wanted a banner that would mark this spot in time. I printed out the template on light chevron cardstock paper, cut out the triangles and used hot glue to attach the triangles to my string.  I glued the string to the front and the back of the frame so it would be more secure.
Banner on FrameFinished Frame FrontIt turned out so cute!!Finished Frame Back

Rhett’s favorite song right now is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” so I wrote a poem for Daddy to this tune. I printed the poem on cardstock, backed it on some scrapbook paper and attached it to the back of the frame insert. Rhett signed the card with his fine penmanship.
Dad Frame Final

And there you go!  This is going to look good in Dad’s new office!

Happy Father’s Day!


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