I love you Mom!

Glittered Frame Gift

Frame poem


I just love the Mother’s Day frames we made and have to share how easy (and affordable) they are.  

*You can also view our sweet Sunshine in a Jar gift we made for Mom last year.


Step 1:  Purchase this frame from Michaels.Frame


Step 2:  Layer painter’s tape.  I started with 2 thin strips.Frame tape


Step 3:  I added some thicker pieces as well.Frame tape all


Step 4:  Paint glue over your frame, cover with thick glitter and remove the painter’s tape.Frame gold


Step 5:  Use hot glue to attach a small clothes pin.Frame gold with clip


Step 6:  We created poems like this one and printed them on pretty scrapbook paper.

The template I used for the poem was:

You are beautiful like ______.

You smell like ______.

And I love you more than ______.

As you can imagine, these made for some quirky (yet precious) poems.

Frame with pic and poem


Step 7:  Give Mom the frame and make her day!


Please tell me about the Mother’s Day gifts  you are making, or if you decided to make this one!



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