I love you like a kid loves kale???

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Either I am blessed with a great eater, or maybe I just found the right combos.  After nearly 4 months of feeding Rhett “real food,” I think I finally got a clue.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Lately I have been mixing everything in my Ninja blender.  Rhett is now able to eat thicker chunks, but add water to make smoother.

  • yogurt + banana + avocado + kale  (sometimes I’ll throw some pineapple in there which Rhett LOVES!)
  • yogurt + peaches + kale
  • zucchini + apple + sweet potato + chicken
  • quinoa + chicken + avocado + cucumber (and a little pepper)
  • yogurt + cucumber + garlic + mint + dill
  • yogurt + banana + blueberry
  • rice + beans + tomato sauce + oregano + garlic (and a little pepper)

I do not measure anything.  I just mess around with portions, blend and taste.  Avocado and banana only last a few days so I usually make those purees smaller.  I noticed that a little quinoa goes a long way.  I roast or sautee the tougher fruits and veggies before throwing them in the blender.  I roast for 30 minutes at 425 degrees on a foil-lined baking sheet.  I sautee by bringing chicken stock (or water) to a boil and then allowing peeled and chopped veggies/fruits to simmer until soft (20 minutes for apples and potatoes and 10 minutes for zucchini).  You can either boil a chicken breast and throw it in the blender, or use a cooked rotisserie chicken.

I store the purees in the fridge for a few days in these wonderful OXO containers.  They have been the perfect size for Rhett’s meals


What does your baby love to eat?  Please share in the comment section.


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  1. Catherine

    Lochlan is really into roasted root vegetables these days. I made a crockpot beef stew and my carnivorous child was more psyched for the carrots and parsnips than the meat!

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