He huffed and he puffed…

The Three Little Pigs

After reading various versions of The Three Little Pigs, our junior engineers got to work, constructing a house that would keep them safe from the big bad “hair dryer” wolf.  Thank you Sewing School for the inspiration.

The students had a variety of materials to choose from when deciding how they would construct a sturdy house: legos, dominoes, pipe cleaners, play dough, marshmallows, toothpicks, sticks, sugar cubes, wooden blocks, straws, q-tips and pipe cleaners.  Each group secured their house on a plot of land (a green piece of construction paper) and eagerly awaited the wolf’s arrival.

house of sugar cubes House of Marshmallows house of straws House of sticks House of pipe cleaners house of legos House of dominoes House of blocks


To our surprise, each house was tough enough to withstand the huffing and puffing of the big bad “hair dryer” wolf.  Next time I’m bringing in the leaf blower!

Huffed and Puffed


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