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DIY Lemonade Stand

Stand Bottom

For our school’s volunteer luncheon, we decided to throw a Sunshine & Lemonade party.  Our first order of business was to build a lemonade stand.  At first, I didn’t know if I would be able to pull this project off, considering I do not even own a drill…but if you know someone who does (thank you Tom!), then this DIY stand can be done!

Stand Whole

First things first!  Make a trip to Home Depot and round up your supplies:

  • 5 box crates (18 x 12.5 x 9.5)
  • 2 Wood Posts (62 x 3.5 x 1.5)
  • 4 Wood Pieces to secure crates (10 x 3.5 x 1.5)
  • 1 Wood Board (46 x 1 x 1)
  • Several Long Screws
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Drill


Step One:  Screw a post to the side of a crate. (See below)Stand Part 1


Step Two:  Screw the other post to the side of another crate.  I liked the look of the crate openings going in opposite directions.  We didn’t secure the crates together just yet.Stand Layer 1


Step Three:  Screw the board onto each post, about an inch from the top.  Your top layer is done!  I actually left the stand in my classroom like this for a couple of weeks.  If you have young children at home, this would be the perfect size for them.  For a taller stand, keep reading.
Stand Build

Step Four:  Set up the three crates that you will use as the bottom layer.  Secure all the crates together with the 4 small wood pieces.  If you try to screw the crates together without these wood pieces, the crate wood will strip.  These 4 pieces makes for a strong hold.  Secure the top layer of crate boxes to the bottom layer of crate boxes with screws.

Stand secure

Stand bottom build


It’ll look something like this when it is finished!  

(I took this picture before we added the other 2 small wooden pieces).Stand build finish


Stand Top

I printed this wonderful banner and lemonade sign from Somewhat SimpleStand MiddleWe found these lemonade dispensers in the $3 section of Target.   You can print my Lemonade Flavor Labels onto scrapbook paper and attach to twine ($1 bin at Target) with cute clothespins (Michaels).  I printed the “Enjoy” label from World Label.

Stand Bottom

We put our extra lemonade on the bottom to keep the stand from blowing away.  I made a pinwheel and some paper fans from scrapbook paper to decorate the outward facing crates.

Now it’s time to play!

Easy Peasy

Please leave me a comment if you made or plan on making a lemonade stand!



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  1. Nina

    Thank you for the awesome luncheon! It felt really nice to be spoiled, even if it was only for an hour….our kindergarten team rocks!! We are gonna miss you 🙁

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