Five Tot School Themes to Try This Summer


Five Tot School Themes to Try This SummerSummer is here and I bet you all are eager to get outside with your kids and try new things.  For me, this Summer is all about providing Rhett with lots of opportunities to play, and then follow his lead.  I’ve always planned activities for him and my students that have controlled outcomes, but when kids are given opportunities to freely explore and tinker, they create outcomes that are more meaningful than I could have ever envisioned.   

A few Summers back, I hosted 5 tot schools with our playgroup.  Each meeting was a different theme that included music, literature, sensory play, outdoor play, art and a fun snack.  Going in to each tot school experience, I had a vision of how the tots would engage with the activities and with eachother–I had expectations of the whole experience.  But, as you would expect, these tots were drawn to the activities they loved and felt comfortable doing and that’s the beauty of this age!  If I were to do it all again, I would simply leave out the materials and follow their lead.

Tot School Our World is a Rainbow Insta


Tot School Down on the Farm Insta


Tot School Transportation Insta


Tot School Bears Insta


Tot School Ocean Insta

What fun things are you doing with your kids this Summer?



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  1. Carolyn Jones

    The new blog format looks great. So much information for teachers and parents.. Thank you for sharing your great ideas.

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