Favorite San Diego Spots…With a Toddler

san diego spotsPanama 661.  Panama 66

This is currently our favorite hangout.  The menu is great, you can order beer, wine and cocktails and drink them in their enclosed park on a picnic blanket that the restaurant provides.  And…the food is delivered right to your picnic blanket!  Check out their website for their live music schedule.

**I am sad to say that Panama 66 just changed their policies and do not allow food in their grass area any longer.






2.  Kellogg Beach in Point Loma

My Point Loma friends are not going to like that I am sharing this secret, but I have to let you know about my all time favorite beach.  Kellogg Beach is located at the end of Rosecrans right before the Navy Base.  This beach on the bay is the perfect place to bring your kids, and also a great spot to kayak and paddle board.  The views of downtown are unbeatable!





Westminiter Park3.  Westminister Park

Do you feel like every playground you visit has a 6 foot play structure with several dangerous pitfalls?  I really haven’t enjoyed going to parks much lately until I heard about Westminister Park in Point Loma.  Though this park is just a sandy junkyard to all toddler outdoor play structures, it couldn’t be more ideal for their age and mom’s sanity.  There is also a beautiful garden at this park, attracting ladybugs, butterflies and all sorts of plants for your toddler to explore.




Train ride4.  The Train Ride at UTC Mall

I know what you are thinking,  but this train ride is the perfect size and speed for our little guys.  Your best bet is to buy a bundle of tickets for $20 so you can make frequent visits.  The best part of this ride–each time you pass by the conductor, you get a wave from a different Sesame Street or Disney character.  Rhett can’t get enough!






Breakfast with Elmo5.  Breakfast with Elmo & Friends at Sea World

We all have our thoughts about Sea World, but brush them aside for a second and learn about the most magical experience for your toddler–an all you can eat breakfast with Elmo!  $20 for yourself and kids under 3 are free!  Seriously the best money ever spent.







I’d love to hear some of your San Diego favorites!



  1. Carolyn Dougherty

    As a Pacific Beach resident, I love my neighborhood parks. Fanuel Park, at the end of Fanuel Street, is a cute beach park on the bay with a play structure, swings, a grassy picnic area, and bathrooms.
    We also love to walk to Kate Sessions park for the beautiful view of San Diego bay and the fun play structure and swings!

  2. We love the first three you have listed too! They are some of our favorite spots. We also love Fanuel Park and going to the beach right near by in front of the Catamaran where there are even a few chairs & umbrellas that are free to use. We love the splash area at the Caramel Valley Rec Center for summer fun, the waterfront park downtown, too. If you’re ever up north we LOVE both Seagrove/Powerhouse Park in Del Mar and Glen Park in Cardiff-by-the-Sea … perfect picnic and hang out spots.

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