Dad’s Doodle Pad

Dad Doodle Pad

I just have to share this simple Father’s Day gift that my wonderful friend Stephanie introduced me to.  We have our Kinders do it every year, but it could work for just about anyone who can draw!

Step One:  Have your child draw a picture with dad using black marker.  Draw the picture on a regular piece of paper.

Step Two: Using a copy machine or your printer, shrink the picture to 30%.

Doodle pad prepStep Three:  Cut out the shrunk picture and glue it on a half sheet to make a master copy.  (If you are only making this with one kid, I would put the same shrunk picture on both sides to save paper later.)

Doodle pad outsideStep Four:  Copy the master copy several times (I made 15 copies).  Cut the papers in half and staple a cover that says “Dad’s Doodle Pad.”  You can download my updated Dad’s Doodle Pad Cover cover here.Doodle pad inside

Now Mom won’t be the only one sticking to the To-Do lists!
Doodle pad inside 2Doodle pad inside 3

Doodle cardWe kept the original drawings and had the kids color them in to make Father’s Day cards.  They are just too precious!

Happy Father’s Day!


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