Children spell love… TIME!

Classroom Volunteer Gifts

Volunteer gift

This school year I had INCREDIBLE volunteers and we really wanted them to know how much we appreciated their TIME…  

I found these adorable tiny vases and bought air plants that perfectly fit inside.

Air Plant in Vase


The nursery that I bought the air plants from gave me a nutrient that you mix with water in a spray bottle to get the most life from your air plants.  (I think ordinary water will do also).  I included the nutrient inside a small kraft bag and printed these Air Plant Instructions on scrapbook paper.

Air plant instructions

My favorite part of the gift though, was from the kids!  I had each student water color a piece of white card stock paper.  I mixed my bright paint colors with white to soften them up.

Water Color on Paper


The next day I cut their painted paper into 4 in. by 4 in. squares.  This way we could make a card for each of our 4 volunteers.

Water color paper


Using a black felt tip pen, the kids drew pictures on their cards and I wrote their dictated thank you notes on the back.

Drawings on Water Color

I used a cute clothespin to clip all of their notes behind the top card.  Download this free printable: Children Spell Love…Time.

Volunteer gift side

The kids loved how they turned out and I think our volunteers will too!

Volunteer gift

What gifts have you given your classroom volunteers?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!



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