Get Your Valentine!

Download these free valentines.

Valentine, Valentine, get your valentine! But really, these are free and easy to put together if you’re in a bind. Enjoy! XOXO, You can download my You Light Up My Heart Valentine here and buy the finger flashlights on Amazon. I found these Valentines here and made the mini lightsabers by hot gluing jumbo straws to finger … [Read more…]

LOVE is in the Air

Marbled Heart Art

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I am IN LOVE with this heartfelt bulletin board. The white background paper and white border really allowed the students’ heart art to POP!  With some left over silver ribbon from Christmas wrapping, I wrote “love.”  First I located the center of the board and created the … [Read more…]

A Wild Valentine

Wild Valentines

What toddler doesn’t enjoy playing with animals?!!  Rhett uses these small animals with legos, trains, blocks, kinetic sand, playdough–you name it!  And then came the idea for these wild valentines…   After buying the animals, it took me about 20 whole minutes to make these.  Here is what you will need: Wild Valentines template printed on cardstock. … [Read more…]

Mystery Valentines

Mystery Seeds Project Insta

For Valentine’s Day this year, we gave the Kinders a special Valentine that will keep on giving–Mystery Seeds! 6 Mystery Seed Valentines were secretly delivered to our room.  The kids were so excited.  They broke into groups of 4.  We then examined our seeds under the document camera and predicted what our seeds would turn … [Read more…]

A circle’s round, it has no end. That’s how long I want to be your friend!

Friendship Book Insta

Check out the adorable books that were made for our Valentine’s Day craft. Materials: Blank Books:  I found these in packs of 8 for $3 in the “$1 Section” at Target. Colored Xerox Paper:  One color for each baby.  Prep books with text beforehand and bring extra paper to trace hands. Baby Photos:  Mom’s bring … [Read more…]