Bears Everywhere!

Bears Unit of Study Insta

During the month of February, our Kinders get to bring their teddy bears to school and they just love this time!  Our reading, writing and math activities stem from the books we read about fiction and non-fiction bears.  Check out some of the things we do!   We paint our teddy bears and dress them up using … [Read more…]

Mystery Valentines

Mystery Seeds Project Insta

For Valentine’s Day this year, we gave the Kinders a special Valentine that will keep on giving–Mystery Seeds! 6 Mystery Seed Valentines were secretly delivered to our room.  The kids were so excited.  They broke into groups of 4.  We then examined our seeds under the document camera and predicted what our seeds would turn … [Read more…]

100 Days Smarter!

100 Days Smarter Insta

Our Kinders have been looking forward to the 100th Day of School for weeks!  Check out what we did! 1.  We decorated our classroom!  We worked cooperatively to link chains in groups of 10.  Then we counted by 10’s to make  100-link chains.  We decorated our class with them.  Before the kids got to school … [Read more…]

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day Insta

One of my favorite weeks at the beginning of the school year is Apple Week!  Check out some of the fun things we do! 1. We start our unit with inquiry.  We ask the students “What do you want to know about apples?”  We write student questions and answer them through our literature and research … [Read more…]