Bunny Bags

Easter Bags Insta

Now that Rhett is 2, we can start hunting for eggs!  I made these affordable bags for our upcoming tot egg hunt and wanted to share how incredibly easy they were to make. I bought everything I needed from Michael’s: small brown gift bags (sold in packs of 13) bunny stamp tiny letter stamps set … [Read more…]

Mystery Valentines

Mystery Seeds Project Insta

For Valentine’s Day this year, we gave the Kinders a special Valentine that will keep on giving–Mystery Seeds! 6 Mystery Seed Valentines were secretly delivered to our room.  The kids were so excited.  They broke into groups of 4.  We then examined our seeds under the document camera and predicted what our seeds would turn … [Read more…]

TBT: Throwback Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Playgroup Insta

Before I started blogging we made these adorable crafts in playgroup!  TBT(Thanksgiving) to 2013… Turkey Footprint Plate Materials: White Ceramic Plate:  I got mine from the Dollar Tree Acrylic Paint: Brown for the footprint, and colors of choice to paint on the feathers Permanent Marker   Recipe Book Materials: White cardstock to print cover page … [Read more…]