Biker Babes

Biker Babes

As we were riding along Mission Bay with our babies as passengers, one of the mamas said, “This is what other people think we do all day in San Diego– and it is actually what we do!”

We rented our bikes from Ray’s Rentals.  I didn’t catch the manager’s name but he was extremely accommodating.  He gathered all of the equipment we needed beforehand, and the process of getting our babies on the bikes was painless.  We all got lunch “to go” from the shop next door–an added bonus!

Getting Ready


Rhett in Bike



We stopped to eat and play at the Fanuel Street Park along our path.  You gotta love a park with nice grass, clean sand, small slides and glistening water.

Moms on Bikes


Sand Play


On the way back we noticed a calm over us…oh yes…the babies had fallen asleep.

Sleep on Bike


Most moms agreed that this was our best playgroup yet!



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