Baby Magnets

Mini Polaroid Magnets

For our January craft we made Mini Polaroid magnets… and what better models than our beautiful babies!  We took the babies to Mission Point Park.  The gorgeous bay backdrop made for an easy photo shoot.

To prepare for the craft I made sure I had the following supplies.  Aside from the camera, you can find all of these items at Michaels.

Polaroid Magnet SuppliesYou will need:

1.  Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera and Film

2.  Double Sided Tape

3.  Foam board:  I used Elmer’s White Foam Board

4. X-acto Knife

5.  Magnet Tape Roll


To prep:

1.  Measure and cut foam to the size of the Mini Polaroid film.

2.  Use double sided tape to attach the photo to a foam piece.

3.  Cut the magnet to the length of the foam piece and attach to the back.

4.  Hang and admire.


Here was my sample.  Later I decided I liked the look better without the design.

Mini Polaroid Magnet


It is sooooo easy and they turned out adorable!

Mini Polaroid Magnets







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