Celebrate Fall

Celebrate Fall in your classroom

Fall apple board

I just love when September rolls around and we get to talk about apples!  There are so many apple activities out there, but I find something so refreshing about these apple barrel projects.
Fall apples

Fall apples 2

Fall apple barrells

To make these apple barrel projects:

1.  Cut white construction paper to 11 X 17 so you can mount it on black construction paper later.

2.  Slightly water down some tempera paint.  Students paint the white construction paper his/her color of choice.

3.  Students draw a barrel on brown construction paper.  Students cut barrels and use brown marker to add accent lines.

4.  Using precut apples (from construction paper, scrapbook paper, fabric and tissue), students glue apples to their barrels.

5.  We cut little stems from thin brown yarn.

6.  Mount on black construction paper.

Fall apple charts

Our kiddos brought an apple to school and before peeling and cooking our apples, we:

-Described our apples and recorded ideas on an apple chart

-Made “sink or float” predictions and experimented with our apples

-Estimated how many apples were in our class

-Used balances to weigh apples against other classroom materials

-Measured apples with unifix cubes and tape measures

Fall sink float Fall describe apples Fall estimate apples

All week we read books about apples and talked about the life cycle of an apple through our Johnny Appleseed stories.  The students painted an apple tree and then made a Johnny out of construction paper to put in their apple orchard painting.  At the end of the week they told me something true about Johnny Appleseed and I typed their responses.

Fall Johnny

We practiced our one to one counting with this apple sticker math activity.Fall apple sticker math

We read about several books about Autumn and started looking for signs of Fall in our own backyards.  Get your Fall writing template here.
Fall writing 1
Fall writing 2

We collected leaves from the trees on our playground and made these leaf mobiles.  Students clipped on their leaves with miniature clothespins–great fine motor!  They titled their mobiles, which I tied at the bottom of each mobile.  I strung their mobiles from large sticks I found outside.  It has been fun watching our leaves change colors over the past few weeks.

Fall mobiles

Fall mobiles 2


Happy Fall!



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