An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day

One of my favorite weeks at the beginning of the school year is Apple Week!  Check out some of the fun things we do!

1. We start our unit with inquiry.  We ask the students “What do you want to know about apples?”  We write student questions and answer them through our literature and research

Apple Inquiry

2. We sing “Way Up High in the Apple Tree” and make books!

3. We sing an apple song to practice adjectives inspired by Mrs. Jump’s Class pumpkin song.

4. We have “Apple Day.”  On this day students bring in an apple.  We describe our apples, sort our apples, make a physical graph with our apples, measure apples with different manipulatives, estimate apples, balance apples and measure ourselves with apples.  During snack time, the kids taste a red, green and yellow apple slice and we graph our favorite apples and compare numbers.  We also put our apples in water to determine if it will sink or float.  Then we core and peel our apples, put it in a pot, and students predict what we will cook with our apples.  We cook the apples in a Crockpot and make applesauce.

Apples Graph

Apples Estimation

Apple Peel and Hat


5. We learn all about Johnny Appleseed in literature and in our student books.  We make him a birthday card and have a special apple snack that consists of apple muffins, apple chips, apple pie, apple granola bars and apple juice.  We also eat our applesauce! We wear our Johnny Appleseed hats and takes pictures with our friends.  We paint an orchard and put our cut and paste Johnny Appleseed in the orchard.  Students dictate their story of Johnny Appleseed.  The chart was inspired by The First Grade Parade.

Apples JA Chart

Apples JA

Johnny in orchard

6. We read books about the life cycle of an apple, chart it and the kiddos pattern the apple life cycle.

Life Cycle of an Apple


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