A Magic Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Life Cycle Bulletin Board

My students are in complete awe of pumpkins and their life cycle and it’s all thanks to our “Magic Pumpkin Patch” bulletin board.  Each day when the kids enter the room, they experience a new stage in their pumpkin seeds’ development.  They love to predict what will pop up when they come to school the next day.


Day 1: We “planted” our pumpkin seeds (taped them to our dirt–scrunched up brown paper).  Of course we needed our scarecrows to protect the seeds so they would all flourish.  We mimicked our “Magic Pumpkin Patch” with these pumpkin life cycle books.  Get A Pumpkin Seed Story here!Pumpkin Patch Seed

Day 2: Our seeds sprouted with green pipe cleaners.Pumpkin Patch Sprout

Day 3: Our seeds grew a vine with brown yarn.Pumpkin Patch Vine

Day 4: We made green leaves out of construction paper and leaf tendrils by wrapping strips of paper around a pencil.Pumpkin Patch Leaves

Day 5: Yellow tissue paper represented the blossoms.Pumpkin Patch Blossoms

Day 6: We used green construction paper for the small pumpkins that grew.Pumpkin Patch Green Pumpkin

Day 7: Yellow construction paper was used for the yellow pumpkins.Pumpkin Patch Yellow Pumpkin

Day 8: And finally we mixed red and yellow paint to make our full grown pumpkins!
Pumpkin Orange

“Pumpkin, pumpkin,

Big and fat.

Turned into a jack-o-lantern,

Just like that!”



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