A Fresh Classroom Look

Fresh Classroom Look

This year I am teaching TK (Transitional Kindergarten) at a new school. I am going to really miss my old school but I know this change will invite new challenges that I am excited to take on. Now the question is: What will I do with this blank canvas???

Blank Canvas

I want the walls to be inviting but neutral so that student art really pops.  I guess I was going for a Reggio feel–but on a serious budget.

Inspired by my dear friend Steph (in the picture above), I make sure to have large blue bulletin board that I can keep up all year.  Blue seems to work with all of our themes and it gives me a sense of peace throughout the year.

Bulletin Board Rainbow

You can download my “Our World is a Rainbow!” sign here.  You can also view my Entomologist Board and Bear Board to see how this bulletin board changes.

Bulletin Board Rainbow 2

I doubled up on white border with different textures to add some dimension. After the students make their first day paintings, this wall is going to look beautiful!

Now, on to my next canvas…

New room wallI ended up moving the left cubby so that I would be able to cover the walls from floor to ceiling. Here, the challenge was to design a wall behind the dramatic play area without making the entire space appear too busy. At first I was thinking about leaving the walls white until craft paper came to mind–neutral, classic and better than white! I was able to make these three narrow walls with one roll of craft paper from Michael’s. (Look for it in the picture framing aisles–not the wrapping paper aisle.)

Craft paper bulletin boards whole

I bordered each craft paper “column” so that they all would all have their own flair. I used borders I already had and double bordered the two outer columns with the same white textured border I used on my blue theme board from above. This gave a flow to my room.

Craft paper bulletin board borders



Craft paper bulletin boards lightsCraft paper bulletin boards

Click here to download my “Everything you can imagine is real” sign.

Dramatic play walls…check!

Last up were the walls surrounding the windows. These walls already looked nice, so whatever I decided, I didn’t want to break the calm.  But I needed something!

New room cornerI had bought another roll of the craft paper and was messing around with it. I started making these crazy frames and really ended up liking how they looked. So I decided I would make a craft frame for each one of my students.
Students Frames 2

I threw in some pieces of border I had to fill them up in the meantime. I had some thoughts about having the students sponge paint them or stamp their names on them. Or maybe even a mini banner of their names hanging across. So many possibilities!

Student Frames whole

Frames on Wall

Lastly, I made a paper chain from the left over border paper that I had.  My whiteboard needed a little something and this was a happy solution.

Border Chain 1 Border Chain 2 Border Chain 3

Stay tuned for the student masterpieces…

A Fresh Classroom Look


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