25 Days of Cheer

25 Days of Giving

I have been making advent calendars since B.P. (Before Pinterest) and now there are thousands out there!!!  I needed to get back to my advent calendar roots–where it all started– the good ol’ classic paper chain.  (Remember making them in Elementary School?!?).  But this chain would not be your ordinary countdown to gifts–the “Me! Me! Me!” chain.  I really wanted to teach Rhett that the BEST part of the season is the feeling you get when you do good for others.  So lo and behold the Christmas Advent Chain with 25 Days of Giving Back

What you need:

  • Holiday scrapbook paper (mine had print on one side and a kraft paper look on the other side–from Michaels of course)
  • 25 Days of Giving template (if you don’t want to create your own)
  • Paper cutter (if you want cutting to be perfectly straight, if not scissors will do just fine)
  • Stapler
  • Twine to hang your chain


Advent Chain Paper

In order to get a variety of paper in my chain, I had to make 5 paper chains.  I think it would also look great if the paper was the same throughout.

Advent Chain Print Out

There are 5 activities on each page.  I printed the activities on the kraft paper side.

Advent Chain Strips

Cut your strips…

Advent Chain

Link your chain with a stapler.  Attach the twine to the number 25 end of the chain and hang it up!

Advent Chain Complete

Now it’s time to spread some cheer!

How are you giving back this Christmas season?



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