100 Days Smarter!

100 Days Smarter

Our Kinders have been looking forward to the 100th Day of School for weeks!  Check out what we did!

1.  We decorated our classroom!  We worked cooperatively to link chains in groups of 10.  Then we counted by 10’s to make  100-link chains.  We decorated our class with them.  Before the kids got to school this day, I also hung rainbow streamers from our doorway (like A Differentiated Kindergarten) and put “100” all around our room using different computer fonts.

100 Chains

2.  We made capes with 100 things (credit of Mrs. Miner) and we wore our capes to school all day!

boys in capes


girls in capes


3.  We took photos with 100 pretend dollars and said what we would do with the money.  My favorite response was “I would by a unicorn.”

4.  We wrote about being 100 and drew ourselves at 100 years old.

100 years

5.  We picked a material or manipulative in our classroom to make 100.  Then we created something with our 100 things.
 build with 100
6.  We wrote to 100 and beyond (if we could).
7.  And of course, we made 100th Day trail mix!


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